Pictures of The Month

Picture of The Month For #NoHuman Theme November, 2017

Mandalay, Myanmar. 2016
© Zin Ye Htet

Judge’s Comment
by Yu Yu Myint Than, Founding Member
Thuma Collective

It is been my very pleasure to choose POM for this month theme #NoHuman. I love looking for voices in non-human thing.It is easy to shoot what it looks like but tough to shoot what it feels like.I have found 2 photos which makes me feel what it feels like and really tough to choose the final one. Both give me mood and nostalgic effect but I choose this one because I thought this picture gives me not only nostalgic, dream-like feeling and also I feel like the scene from si-fi movie and makes me think what will come next because of the unexpected composition.
Congratulations to …..  Zin Ye Htet

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