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Photo Essay: Born To Be Star by Zarni Phyo

Photo Essay: Born To Be Star by Zarni Phyo

Photo Essay: Born To Be Star© Zarni Phyo Everyone has a dream. The same thing is that every woman cherishes beauty. Some even want to be the queen of beauty among all. For this reason, they tried at best to win the beauty pageant. The […]

Photo Essay: Home Away From Home © Zarni Phyo In September 2015, Myanmar passed a law which enforced the minimum daily wage of 3600 kyats. However, the daily income for an average worker cannot compensate enough for sky-high inflation rate and daily expenses. The Myanmar […]

Photo Essay : The Art of Harshness© Zarni Phyo(      Traditional boxing (Myanmar Lethwei) is the difference with other martial art is that only knockout is assumed as “win” in the most competition. This is the sport which is based on courage and endurance […]

Photo Essay : People Of The River© Zarni Phyo(      The story focuses on the life of those depending on the Yangon River in different ways by highlighting their daily life how they struggle their lives and how they make their living along the […]

Photo Essay : The Abandoned Amusement Park © Zarni Phyo The “Game City” in Yangon used to be the most popular amusement park in Myanmar. It opened in 1997. And some local news say it shut down only in 2012 or 2013. Once a popular […]