Photo Essay

Photo Essay: Portrait of the Believers from Burma (Thimithi Festival Yangon 2018)

© Ye Khant
Edited by: Chit Min Maung (

A series of glimpse that I see through my viewfinder during the Festival of Traditional Hindu Celebration which is held annually at the Temple of Goddess ‘Draupadi’, located in Insein Township, Yangon in March 2018. Thimithi Festival is a traditional Hindu ceremony of worshipping of the goddess ‘Draupati Amman’, originally and primarily by the Tamil people of India. The participants also perform firewalking and body piercing rituals with faith during the ceremony. Hinduism arrived in Myanmar along with Buddhism since the ancient times. Nowadays 0.5% of the population is practicing Hinduism in Myanmar. Most of the Hindus are Burmese Indians. As India is a close neighboring country, Hinduism has had a big regional influence for centuries in Myanmar.