Photo Essay

Photo Essay : The Dhobis From Irrawaddy River Banks
© Moe Myint San
Edited by : Chit Min Maung (

Previously there is dhobi’s pond in Mandalay Palace and you can see that the dhobis (washer-man/ washerwoman) are riding bicycle ahead to palace and washed there until 8888 Nationwide Popular Pro-Democracy Protests. But nowadays most of families own washing machine and there are a lot of small laundry services as family business in Mandalay and every hotel/ motel owns their own laundry service too. You may have very little chances to see the dhobi guys riding bicycle with white color big  pack clothes on Mandalay’s streets.

In contemporary Mandalay, those dhobi business are moving to Irrawaddy river banks. You can see colorful clothes on riverbanks and the dhobi business still alive for those people no time to wash themselves.