Photo Essay

Photo Essay: Home Away From Home

© Zarni Phyo

In September 2015, Myanmar passed a law which enforced the minimum daily wage of 3600 kyats. However, the daily income for an average worker cannot compensate enough for sky-high inflation rate and daily expenses. The Myanmar government could not manage adequately to control consumer price and living expenses. The usual choice for Myanmar immigrant workers is Thailand. The average daily wage for a Myanmar worker in Thailand is about 300 bahts (12000 kyats) and an average Myanmar worker can expect for the monthly salary of 300000 to 400000 kyats in Thailand. Whenever an accident comes out for the worker, even in a factory, there is no insurance, compensation nor labour rights. Orphan kids who were born in Thailand from Myanmar parents study in Thailand although their birth country is Myanmar.Some of the children refuse to speak Burmese and they start assuming themselves as Thai nationals. some place in Thailand, once it was found out that you were from Myanmar, you were subject of pickpocketing, passport snatching, and even rape. Some people were trafficked and slaved when they migrated to other countries to work. Although risks of exploitation, human trafficking and fraud are important – ignorance, fewer job opportunities, and poverty constrain Myanmar labour to leave their country and face exploitation in a foreign land.