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Photo Essay: A Thrilling Night Rides
© Ye Khant
Edited by: Chit Min Maung (

A thrilling night of riding alongside the Ruamkatanyu Rescue Foundation crew in Nonthaburi province in Bangkok last week. The Ruamkatanyu foundation is a charity volunteering rescue/ambulance service which attends road accidents and other incidents. The foundation was founded since 22 June 1970. It provides coffins to victims killed in accidents or murdered in the incidents that no one comes forward to make a claim or identify the body. I took a chance to ride along with them for one night to get an insight of what it would be to be part of the team. It was a bone-chilling and very exciting experience for me to wait for the call, getting outside and shoot. The team members are also very kind, welcoming and seems fine with the cameras approaching them. Throughout the night, I witnessed two road accidents, one minor case, and one death case.

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