Photo Essay

Photo Essay: A Little Town In Town

© Naing Lin Soe

The music from orchestra covers the area and the performances one after another bring you to a separate world away from everything.

Kids, young people, and also elders in the audience are quite for some moments as if they are forgetting to breathe.

“Our aim is to make the people dream and they forget for two hours any problems in life, fly away with us in our magical works.”

And when the show begins, all artists perform with the smile on their faces every second, seem like they don’t feel tiredness at all.

“As they want people to forget their problems, they do forget everything.”

Despite circus is a quite dangerous profession which in sometimes, the performers occur accidents, injured, falls and even deaths for some people, Sarah said they feel secure in their own little world in itself.

“It just you have to be careful and very awake. To work in a circus, you need a lot of disciplines. You can’t party on the night and come next day and walk on a high-wire. That’s not possible. You do need to organize yourself very well.”