Photo Essay

Mini Photo Essay : Loners
by Chit Min Maung ( )

A short blurb on the characteristics of humans who stay in the fringes of social gatherings. The outcasts, the socially inept, the shunned who yearn for exeptance but are too scared to stand out. Aimed to be eye-opening; some may find it depressing. 

Loners are mysterious, attractive in a forbidden way, and elusive. Some are seen as our heroes, like John Wayne. Others are best viewed at a distance, like Edward Scissorhands. And a few are best locked away, like Ted Kaczynski. Loners come in all shapes and sizes, just like the socially inclined. 

Are you a loner? 

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Chit Min Maung, originally from Myanmar, has been in Singapore since 2009 lately. After finishing university, Chit eventually made his way into software house and work as many different positions such as the programmer, system analyst, Team Leader, Project Manager, etc. Following his passions, in 2011 he bought his own very first camera and shoot various types of photography styles. Since then, he enjoyed shooting street photography, fine art black and white and beyond. Chit didn't shoot photos for the living. He shoots for passions.